• Born Claude O. Taylor September 5, 1875 Talmidge, Ottawa County, Michigan, married Mabel W. Weeks April 16, 1899 in New York City
  • Claude had his own newspaper called “Lucky Jim Monthy” by the time he was 23 years old. He started a family to be of 10 at age 25 and had his oldest in college, while the youngest was just being born.
  • In 1913 Claude was President of the Michigan Federation of Labor and had assisted greatly in the settlement of the Copper Strike in the Upper Peninsular
  • Claude was manager of the Romona Athletics, a strong semi-professional baseball team
  • Was a Candidate for Commissioner for the City of Grand Rapids in April 2, 1917
  • Claude¬†was a member of the¬†original City of Grand Rapids Charter Commission in 1918
  • Michigan Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative from Michigan 5th District, 1922
  • Independent Progressive candidate for Presidential Elector for Michigan, 1924
  • Democratic candidate for Michigan State House of Representatives from Kent County 1st District, 1932
  • He headed up the old Grand Rapids Trades and Labor Council as it’s chief executive and later was elected President of the Grand Rapids Federation of Labor
  • Jimmie Hoffa asked Claude to organized the Teamsters Local 406 in 1933
  • Become the first Secretary/Treasurer and Business Manager for Teamsters Local 406 in 1935-1942
  • For the state body of International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers he served as Secretary for a number of years
  • Was appointed Secretary of the truck drivers union State Conference in 1937
  • Claude for 20 years or so was editor of The Observer, a Labor paper – which gained prominence nationally. He also conducted a thriving printing concern with the paper.
  • Besides being in a band, Claude was President of the Michigan Federations of Musicians and for all of the 1920’s he was Secretary/Treasurer of the Grand Rapids Federation of Musicians. He was instrumental in procuring the International Convention of the American Federation of Musicians for the only time to Grand Rapids, which he was Chairman of the Entertainment Committee in 1922
  • By craft he embraced the barber’s trade and was President for a time of the Barbers Union.
  • He was a member of the Holy Name and Alter Society of St. Alphonsus church.
  • Claude was the Father to Michigan’s Workman’s Compensation.



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